Applied Professional Certificate in energy management.

Gain valuable knowledge of energy conservation and cost savings with a certificate from the Engineering Institute of Canada.

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How it works

The Applied Professional Certificate in energy management is an online certificate program offered by the University of Windsor Faculty of Engineering and endorsed by the Engineering Institute of Canada. The APC.em enables graduates to identify energy conservation opportunities and create implementation strategies.

The growing APC.em course library features topics such as:

  • Electrical Lighting Systems
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Building Envelopes
  • Building Energy Teams
  • Energy Billing and Procurement

The APC.em is a composition of courses which are broken down into modules of Technology, Implementation, and Financial Planning. These innovative modules directly prepare candidates for the online exams that lead to the APC.em certificates. Each certificate has a unique identification code that can be verified through the University of Windsor Faculty of Engineering. An APC.em course certificate carries a weight of 5 professional development hours which can be utilized to maintain your professional designation or as an additional qualification for your career.


The convenience of the browser.

Access courses and earn certificates from the comfort of your browser through the APC.em online platform.

Learn on the go.

APC.em is available anywhere you have a stable internet connection. Complete course modules at your own pace when you have the time.


Work towards a goal.

Learn about various topics of energy management through slides, videos, and practice tests before you complete your final exam to earn your certificate.

Your first certificate in Electrical Lighting Systems is on us!

No credit card required to register or complete your first course and certificate.

Certificate courses are 250$ each

with lifetime access to course material.

Mark Lambert
-Hiram Walker & Sons

“ I found the courses to be very user-friendly and I have continued to use the APC.em course material to do my job as an energy manager to implement real cost saving projects. ”

“ Taking these courses is a good way to kick-start the thought process of promoting energy awareness and sustainability. They helped me understand that there were a lot of opportunities for energy savings that should be taken advantage of. ”

Rosario DiPonio
-Windsor Essex Community Housing

Pedro Lourenco
-Westmont Hospitality Group

“ The APC.em helped me personally establish how to create an energy team, and it was a very good asset to move forward with the program that we are implementing in our company on establishing an energy basline. This was definitely an asset for me and ultimately for the company. ”

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Daedas is a startup that focuses on energy management and user engagement. Built by graduates of the University of Windsor, the company is committed to enhancing user experience and creating a positive impact. Daedas developed the online platform and delivery framework as well as the course modules for the APC.em

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor's Faculty of Engineering is a key stakeholder behind the APC.em initiative. Professors and students alike contribute their time and knowledge to develop new course modules that make the APC.em learning experience. The Faculty of Engineering also administers the certificates of completion for the APC.em courses, which can be used toward professional continued education credits.